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About Nadine

Nadine is a Cameroonian born British citizen living in Copenhagen since 2018. Nadine works as a Researcher in Computer Science for both Roskilde and Copenhagen Universities (when she is not teaching asanas).

Nadine took up Yoga initially for its physical benefits when training for the London marathon in 2012 and found that it provided more than that!!! She got hooked and ended up taking a few teacher training courses years later.

Nadine has since traveled to India numerous times to learn more about Yoga philosophy – which she finds grounding-.
To Nadine, Yoga is more than postures and it is about using the breath to connect the mind to the body. Nadine observes that she has gained so much both holistically and emotionally from Yoga that her vision is to share and make it more accessible to others through her teaching.

Nadine teaches Bhakti Yoga which can be a fast or slower flow depending on the ‘season of the soul’, with a devotional emphasis on it. Her eccentricity comes through with the music choice in her classes.

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Nadine is particularly grateful to her teacher, Stewart Gilchrist, for inviting her to this mystery she calls a ‘Yogic journey'. She claims that she owes everything she is today to God. She is also grateful to her ex-partner, Stephen Carroll, for motivating her to explore this path.

Practice and Certification

Nadine is a 500 hr certified Yoga Alliance UK teacher - from East London school of Yoga- and has done several other CPD courses over the years in order to add to her offering.

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Sunday 19th Dec 2021

The workshop will be called YINVERSIONS :) we will warm up the body with restorative postures before using the 3 Bs(Belts, Blankets and bolsters) to go upside down in a safe manner. This workshop will heal while restoring inquisitive minds.

Sunday 19th Dec 2021 - 10.30 - 13.00, Bredgade 33A, 400 DKK. Email to book. Or use MobilePay 909726 with your name as a reference.

Bhakti grounding day in the hust and Bustle of inner Copenhagen.

Saturday 15th Jan 2022

Bhakti is devotion; devotion comes with intention. Whether you have been practicing yoga asanas for a week or 10 years, this weekend event will give you the opportunity to go back to the root and ground your practice with the correct intention. The day will start with a practice rooted on the Koshas. We will then move onto more opening of both the physical and causal bodies by opening the energy channels along the spine, the Chakras. We will finish the day with a slower and focused Yin and YogaNidra sessions, in order to enjoy the benefits of the earlier practice and let the intention sink in. Savasana will be closed by a seated or lied down quiet meditation. Come with a playful and open mind, and leave with tools to both ground and support your asanas practice for the year ahead.

Saturday 15th Jan 2022 - 10.30 - 15.30, Bredgade 33A, 850 DKK. Email to book. Or use MobilePay 909726 with your name as a reference.